Let’s Get Messy!

This is an easy and fun outdoor activity to do with your child!

You will need: Dirt, Water, Paintbrushes, Watering Can or Something to Hold Water, Bowl or Container to Mix in, Shovel

Once you have all your materials together, find a nice patch of dirt in your garden or yard, and with your shovel scoop a few shovelfuls of dirt into your mixing container.

Then take your water container and add some water to your mixing bowl with your dirt.

As you add the water mix the dirt and water together with your paintbrush until it is the consistency of mud you want.

Then using your paintbrush start painting with your mud! You can paint on the sidewalk, the driveway, paper, even see what happens when you paint a leaf or a stick with mud! 

Just have fun! And don’t be afraid to get dirty!!

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