There’s always an adventure to be had at Learning Tree Farm, but the past year has definitely challenged our education staff to think outside the box! Initially, our nature preschool facility was closed last spring along with all childcare and schools in the state of Ohio in response to the covid pandemic. Luckily, covid didn’t cancel nature. Our staff maintained contact with our students and their families with activities & drive-way drop-offs to inspire them to engage in outdoor challenges throughout the spring of 2020. Our goal to keep the outdoors open was met with appreciation and enthusiasm.

As fall rolled around, we sought to find the safest and best ways for our community and staff ways to connect with our community. We started anew with shorter, entirely outdoor, small group sessions. Despite the shortened amount of time we were able to explore and discover together, the importance of exposure to nature on the overall wellbeing and development of the human mind and spirit was reinforced. Research has shown that exposure to nature and green spaces not only improves a child’s physical well-being, it also improves their psychological well-being and can even improve a child’s ability to engage in learning experiences. This understanding is what drives Learning Tree Farm’s Nature Preschool to continue to try and find new ways to safely connect with, not only our nature preschool families but with our Learning Tree Farm community as a whole.

We are so thankful for the patience and perseverance and of our Nature Preschool families. It’s with great anticipation that we look forward to the next steps in reconnecting as we move towards more regular programming in April and May! They say that spring brings new beginnings and nowhere is that more evident than on the farm. 

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